Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to read a book to a baby/ toddler?

I bought a couple of books for my lil one recently. I saw that he took a keen interest in reading. I know he can't read yet but he still likes to flip pages, look at pictures, go back and forth the pages and then do his favorite thing- to tear. I wonder how much fun it must be for them to tear pages of a book. I have also seen a couple of videos on YouTube of babies laughing and enjoying hysterically at the sound of a paper being torn. And seeing my lil pudding do the same just seals my doubt , it sure must be a whole lot of fun else why would they, isn't it? 
Well, coming to books, I started with a couple of books from Sesame Beginnings series. They have four of them ( Nighty night, At the zoo, Bubble Bubbles, Eyes Nose Fingers & toes) and cost a dollar each only. It's easy to read with rhyming words at the end of a sentence and illustrated with bright colorful sesame characters. 
Now I have graduated to a book with stories like Good Night Moon, The very Hungry Caterpillar, My book of shapes & colors and more.

I will share some tips on how to start reading a book to a baby/ toddler.

1. Choose a book. You can start with any simple book. Nothing fancy and expensive. Do not forget to get a hard board book. This prevents the baby from easily tearing the pages.
2. Pick a time for reading. It could be before nap/ bed time, during playtime, before/ after bath, anytime that you think is easier for both the baby and you.
3. Be Consistent. Being regular and on time, gets the baby to enjoy and learn the art of reading.
4. Some other things that I believe can make it more interesting are by adding you own touch to reading. Making actions with hand or gestures with face, voice modulation a, wavering the tones as per characters can add more fun to the reading. This is totally up to you and is not a must.

Hope these tips help. If you want to know more or ask anything, please feel free to comment.

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